The creation of every one of our essences has been accompanied by one or more of our border collies, so we thought you’d like to meet our team of expert helpers.

All of our border collies are rescue dogs with very different background stories. They have all grown up with essences. And together, we have created these magical essences to share with you, from our beautiful country garden here in Kent, England.

Grand Master Bas

Basil joined us in January 2000 from the RSPCA. He was 12 weeks old, and all we knew about him was that he and his siblings were found on a busy roadside with their mum on a cold November day in 1999.

Basil already had his name when we met him, (as all of them have), and it wasn’t long before we started calling him Grand Master Bas. A very bright, clever young pup became a wise old dog, always sharing his gentle nature and big heart with anyone he met – with two or four legs!

Our dear Basil died naturally and peacefully in our arms in August 2016, aged 16 years and 10 months. All the other dogs were there too. Basil was a huge part of our lives and was present at the creation of every single essence. His wise presence was a tremendous support at all times, and is still felt strongly in our lives, our essences, and in the garden he had enjoyed so much.

Basil was like the Big Chief who would sit quietly and share his wisdom with those who take the time to listen.

Purple Prayer Wheel sums Basil up, with Oxeye Daisy a close second.

Queen Sasha

Sasha has also been present for about 90% of the essence creations.

Sasha LOVES to talk. She joined us at 18 weeks old in 2004. We were her fourth home in 18 weeks. As can happen with border collie pups, they look very cute when small, and very quickly their super intelligent mind needs lots of stimulation. They can all too easily be very misunderstood and thought to be naughty or a nuisance when in fact they are trying to tell you they want to stimulate their massive brain and get active. After all, a working collie runs 75 miles a day and their mind is working all the time. So why would anyone keep such a clever dog locked inside?

Sasha is definitely the boss around here. And hit a ball for Sasha and she’ll love you forever! But once you start, you can’t stop...

Full of joy and confidence, that’s our Sash. Just like Sweet Pea and Apple Crown essences.


Ruby joined us in 2010 from the same rescue home as Paddy. We met Ruby and Paddy together when they had literally just arrived in the UK from Ireland. And that’s all we knew about their background, other than what we could see. Ruby was skin and bone, patches of fur missing, in very poor health with severe kennel cough. We had no idea of some of her wilder behavioural traits which manifested as she became more at home with us, clearly feeling she could let go a little.

Tons of essences and even more TLC and gentle training helped her into a place of feeling secure, happy and more relaxed. Very, very bright too, she chats as much as Sasha and has taken to her duck and chicken herding duties with great joy.

A gentle, loving dog who loves being loved and would be much misunderstood by anyone not willing to take time with her, Ruby is full of life. Camellia and Forget-Me-Not are Ruby’s essences.


Paddy is a big, fine, majestic boy. He’s the shaman of the pack. He sits a little bit apart from the others at all times, observing everything, seeing everything, missing nothing. Show him how to do something once and he’s got it. Very clear about what he wants to do – and what he doesn’t.

Paddy is our youngest and biggest collie. Because of his size, we assumed his confidence matched. But whatever his early experiences were, they left him with anxiety in certain situations. Thank goodness for essences to help him. Monkshood is his favourite, with Light Pink Rose a close second.

When making the essences

Basil was always there, plus one, two or all of the others. They all instinctively KNOW the moment to sit down and be quiet. That’s the time the essence is made. It’s always a moment of complete stillness and peace. Then off we all go to bottle our mother tincture, with dogs happily chatting, playing ball, walking steadily alongside Shelley, and shaman Paddy doing his work as we go.

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