Essence medicine was brought alive in the Western world by Dr Edward Bach during the 1920’s. Himself a Harley Street physician, he became frustrated when a number of his patients were not getting any better. His careful research led him to rediscover the ancient practice of creating flower essences and using them for mental and emotional wellbeing.

Essences are not new. They are ancient medicines, used by indigenous cultures for millennia. These cultures understood the link between mind, body, emotion and spirit. Modern science is opening up to this knowledge through research in fields such as psychoneuroimmunology and quantum medicine.

Dr Bach stated that all dis-ease results from conflict between the mind and Soul forces. This conflict is often the result of conditioned thinking passed down through generations and societies, usually without question, creating family patterns of dis-ease and repeating life and social challenges. As the energetic imprints of Nature, essences bridge mind and Soul, acting like tuning forks to relieve conflict by retuning us to the frequency of our Soul, leaving the interfering chatter of the mind behind.

Dr Bach’s teachings brought awareness that essences do not give us anything we don’t already have. Essences hold the wisdom of Nature to remind us of what courage feels like instead of fear. Or what love feels like over anger. And peace instead of anxiety. Nature speaks a language our soul understands. Essences convey this language directly to us through helping us feel lighter, clearer, calmer and more courageous.

From Dr Bach’s pioneering work with essences in the 1920’s, there are now thousands of essence producers across all continents, using essences for themselves, their families, their animals and clients on a daily basis. Millions of people now use essences. The world is waking up to their potential as a valuable energy medicine for today’s mental, emotional and social problems.

Ground breaking work has been/is being undertaken by a number of essence producers e.g. in areas with endemic AIDs problems, in countries with high levels of depression, in places where people have been exposed to high levels of radioactivity (in Chernobyl and most recently in Japan), and amongst cancer patients to name but a few of the research projects underway, all with very valuable results.

My own science background lead me to view the world in 3D with defining lines to determine my body and surroundings, and all life on Earth. But break us down to our core and we are layer upon layer of dynamic pulsing energy. All life on Earth is the same. We are not solid or static. We are a constantly moving, flowing, changing symphony of energetic interactions, billions happening every second in our bodies alone. We are each a Universe of energy.

After 25 years of research and working in the field of Energy Medicine, I believe treating the energy of us with the energy of Nature is the way forward for life on Earth. Essences treat us at the subtle energetic level, at the frequency of originating thought and emotion. They reunite us with the wisdom of our Soul, with the intelligent mind of Nature and the inspirational heart of Great Spirit – medicine connections modern life is missing and essential connections the Elders of our Earth knew to be the way to live in harmony with our own body, mind, heart and spirit and with all life everywhere.

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